Towbar Electrics - 13 Pin Single or Double

Before you order your tow bar you need to ensure you have the correct electrics depending upon your towing requirements and the type of vehicle it is going onto, please see our guide below...

What type of electrics do I require?

  • Single Electrics
    Single electrics (also known as 12N) are used when all that is required are road lights, such as for a trailer or cycle carrier lighting board.
  • Double Electrics & Relay
    Double electrics and relay incorporates the single electrics plus another socket (also known as 12S) to provide a permanent live feed into the caravan and with the aid of a relay allows the fridge and battery charge facility in the caravan to be used it also enables a reversing light to be wired should it be required.
  • 13 Pin Electrics
    13 pin is the new EU wiring that is slowly filtering into the UK, most used by caravaners it incorporates the double electrics and relay (12N and 12S) in one socket. All new caravans and some cycle carriers now come with a 13 pin plug.

Here at Solent Towbars we other two types of wiring for your vehicle.

1. By pass/ vehicle interface relay.
This is a universal fitting to most vehicles. It is a cost-effective way of wiring by means of connecting to the vehicles rear lighting looms. All mandatory lights will operate but no towing related features will be activated. This system works with bulb failure systems,multiplexed wiring, mixed voltage, low voltage and digitally controlled lighting.

Please note, some older vehicles will only require fitment of an audible buzzer and not the above relays.

2. Vehicle specific wiring.
This is specific to the individual vehicles and when fitted will integrate into the vehicles electrical systems and activate any towing related features please click here for more information


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