Tow-Trust Towbars

Tow TrustBased in Atherstone North Warwickshire Tow-Trust Towbars are one of the foremost manufacturers and designers of Towing equipment.

Using the latest CAD System, all Tow-Trust towbars are designed to fit precisely to the vehicle manufacturers specified mounting points. Tow-Trust towbars are renowned for their ease of fit and unobtrusive appearance.

When the prototype design is completed it is then tested to rigorous European Standard EC94/20, which requires the towbar to complete a two million cycle fatigue test.

All in-house testing procedures are overseen by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). Tow-Trust work very closely with the VCA and all of their testing is independently witnessed by the midlands based centre. Only when a fully tested towbar is approved by the VCA is it then put into manufacture by their experienced production team.

Quality management system covers all areas from design to distribution to ensure customer satisfaction. All towbars come with full instructions complete with diagram.

Tow-Trust Towbars are designed to fit precisely to the specified mounting points and are manufactured using only British high quality steel. All fasteners used are a minimum grade of 8.8/10.9 bright zinc plated high tensile steel. All in house quality control system ensures all production is checked at every stage.

Type Approval EC94/20

Type approval EC94/20 was introduced under European law from the 1st January 1998 and was implemented in the UK on the 1st August 1998. The aim of these regulations was to standardise the design and manufacture of towbars. As a result of this, all light passenger vehicles manufactured after this date must only be fitted with towbars that conform to the EC94/20 regulations. Towbars that meet these requirements will always carry a type approval label.

All Tow-Trust Towbars that are EC94/20 approved have been tested with a minimum 25mm packer and carry a label ensuring product traceability and all the information necessary to conform fully to the European Standard.

These labels carry the following information:

  • The European type approval number
  • The 'D' and 'S' value
  • The product code
  • Identity of the manufacturer

This label must be visible and not be removed.


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